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  • Bayushi Utamaru

    Old warrior, nearing 45-50, that swore loyalty to Bayushi Hideki. While the gaurd that he is in charge of is currently severly undermanned it is appropriate for the dangers he was facing so far. Was severely injured by something during the fire at Bayushi …

  • Bayushi Ginka

    A younger warrior, around 24, focused on archery first and foremost, with dueling second. He had his hand burned severely during the fire at Hideki's castle and has been recovering since. Currently in charge of training the small group of pre-gempukku …

  • Happu-san

    Happu-san is one of the more prominent Heimen in the town, being in charge of the only outbound trade at this point in time. As well as having a dock and a very crappy skiff. He has three sons, Ichirou and Jirou work on the boats and help trade. Saburou …

  • Gin

    Gin is the smith of the village, one of the more instrumental people in running it prior to the scorpion arriving. He's good at dealing with smaller projects, and excells at making normal small tools.

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