Dawn of the Empire

The Beginning
Session One

{Year 110. The dawn of the Empire. Scorpion province. Place: A new town in the middle of being constructed.}

Hideki Bayushi, daimyo of this province. Currently overseeing the construction of his town.
Kanna, young ronin. Has been staying in the town for the past two weeks waiting to meet with her sensei.
Bayushi Saito, yojimbo. Vassel to Hideki Bayushi.

In the middle of the night everyone is woken up from an earthquake. We separately exit to the streets to find that there is a fire nearby and a number of houses have collapsed. Hideki and Saito frantically help put out the fire. Kanna calmly helps save people from collapsed buildings. Afterwards, she decides to head back to her room at the inn and get some sleep.
Just after the fire is put out and things start calming down, the provincial captain of the guard comes stumbling out of the forest. He claims that there is a monster within the forest and that it wants to talk with Hideki Bayushi.
Hideki gathers together a group of samurai and heads into the forest to encounter the monster. They follow a trail that ends up leading to the back of the village chief’s house. The door squeaks open as they enter the house.

Kanna wakes up to the noise of the door squeaking open. She finds herself in an unfamiliar room. She is suspended from the ceiling. Her hands bound by chain and her feet tied together by rope. She has been stripped down to undergarments. She sees her belongings off to the side and someone is riffling through them.

Hideki’s group enters and attempts to barge into the room. However, they are caught in their tracks by what seem like strings and are unable to move. A woman approaches and inspects the group. Looking at Hideki, she says that he does not need his right arm and promptly rips it off. She then somehow seals the wound. After some brief questioning, she tells us that she is looking for a map that doesn’t look like a map. She concludes that we do not have it, sets the room on fire, and leaves.

We all struggle to get loose, but are unable to. Luckily, the old monk from the town’s temple walks in. He rushes over and frees Hideki and the rest of the samurai. The fire is put out and Kanna is untied and helped down. She quickly dresses and gathers her belongings.
She heads back to her room at the inn and finds a note left by her sensei. It says he’s left already, he’ll be back in a month, and to stay in the town. Used to this, Kanna decides to leave the town and wander and get back the town before he shows up.

(Note taker fell asleep for a while… some other stuff happened.)

Kanna heads out of the town, but unfortunately runs into her sensei. He sternly tells her to go back. She does so, but is a bit wary of the inn. She builds herself a small camp just outside the town.

Some patrol men from the town’s guard notice that a woman is camping outside town. They head back and inform Hideki. Hideki, determined to capture the woman from earlier, sends three guards out. They try to stealthily capture Kanna. Kanna knocks one of them over and tries to run (she really doesn’t want to be stuck in jail). She ends up being caught though.
Since she isn’t the evil woman that Hideki was trying to detain, he lets her go. Hideki tells the captain of the guard to show her around their facilities and to test her sword skills. The captain has her perform some kata, which she does remarkably. He informs Hideki who offers Kanna an employment opportunity. She decides to think on it.


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