Dawn of the Empire

Through the Portal

Session Twelve

The daimyo, Kanna, Ikuchi, Kikuchi, Saito, Hideo, and Omori prepare to enter the portal.
The portal is located in a room within the mines that were found when the sinkhole formed. In the middle of the portal room there is a circular hole on the floor and ceiling.
Kanna throws a rock into both the floor and ceiling holes. The rock thrown into the ceiling didn’t fall back out.
Omori communes with the kami to find out which is the portal. Of course, the kami reply with the obscure answers of “The portal is behind the wall that is not a wall” and “To get there take two steps forward and one step back.” Hideo notices that there is wind blowing between the two holes. He ties a rope around his waist and takes two steps forward which causes him to fall into the hole in the floor. Omori pulls the rope back, but it has been cut. Thinking that he must be correct that that is the portal, she gathers Hideo’s possessions and follows after him.
Kanna is hesitant on jumping into a seemingly endless pit. She takes a moment to walk around the pit. She gets lucky and notices that if she looks at the door to the room through the wall of wind created between the pits it looks like there is a hole there. The hole disappears when she looks at the doorway on the other side. She turns around and steps backwards through the door and disappears. The rest of the people do the same.
Hideo and Omori find themselves falling through fog. Hideo sees they are falling quickly towards floating land masses. They both see holes that go through the land masses. They manage to dodge through them. The holes end up causing them to fall back up the way they came. They find themselves back in the portal room. They both think that they are now in a new Rokugan. But when they ask the guards outside the room they find out they are back where they started. Omori finally figures out walking backwards through the door is the solution. She doesn’t say anything to Hideo before entering and Hideo is stuck. Not knowing what to do Hideo drinks some of his alcohol. A bit drunk, he sits down and leans his back against the door causing him to fall through portal.
In the meantime, the rest find themselves now walking forward through a white hall lined with sliding doors. The eyeless Saito points to a closed door and says that it is open. There is a bright white light when the door is opened. Everyone finds themselves in a large clearing when they step through the door. This is the same area that Frog’s Crossing was built on, but different. Nearby is a tall castle built out of obsidian. Kikuchi and Saito sit down and make a small camp.
The rest of the group heads towards the castle. There is a man sitting on the front steps of the main gate smoking a pipe. Kanna feels like she knows the man, but can’t remember who he is and why she knows him. The man’s mon is a grey wolf on a red background. The daimyo talks with him. He says the castle is the center of Wolf Clan lands that daimyo Hideki watches over. The Scorpion have moved north near Kirin lands. The man is the Minister of Finance, Gen Ayame. There are obsidian mines in the nearby mountains which is where the obsidian for the castle comes from.
He leads us into into an ornate entry hall. Kanna finds out that her father is still alive in this Rokugan and that he is helping out Ryoshun, the tenth kami, and her sensei, Souji, is a military leader helping the Crab.
Omori appears in the clearing. Shortly after Hideo shows up. The real daimyo Hideo goes out to retrieve them. Omori opts to stay behind with Kikuchi and Saito.
Everyone goes to sleep, but is awakened to deep rapid drum beats of an alarm. Kanna and Hideo ready themselves and head to their daimyo to make sure he is alright. They find out that oni are attacking and that it is a regular occurrence in this Rokugan.
Omori wakes up and sees the oni heading towards the castle. She sees that Kikuchi and Saito have already gotten to the castle walls and are being pulled up to safety. She follows them and just barely gets up the wall before the oni arrive. She is immediately employed into service, helping to defend the castle and heal the injured. The battle goes throughout the night, but the oni are finally driven off.
Kanna’s father, her sensei, Ryoshun, and the alternate daimyo Hideki, who has an eyepatch, are all present for breakfast the next day. Afterwards, the real daimyo, the alternate daimyo, and Ryoshun head off to talk.
The real daimyo Hideki explains how he and his party arrived here and the whole situation. It is explained to him that obsidian just isn’t cursed here, the crazy lady came to this Rokugan also looking for a map that isn’t a map, that the Scorpion are now stewards for Kirin lands, and the Kitsune have been driven south by the Lion.
Meanwhile, Kanna speaks lightly with her father and Hideo plays a game against Souji. Hideo hears about an artifact in Kirin lands.
Everyone heads to bed. They awaken and find that they are in the white hallway again. Saito now says that another door is open. Kanna finds that there are two extra scrolls in her bag. The daimyo finds an extra scroll in his.
Everyone proceeds to walk through the next open door. Everyone finds themselves on a dirt path that leads to a hut. The hut and its surrounding area are the only untouched thing within a ruined town that has been scorched to the ground.

Items Acquired:
Kanna’s scrolls
The daimyo Hideki’s List of Disaster scroll



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