Dawn of the Empire

The Next Day

Session Two

There is some commotion down at the dock. A Lion ship has arrived to do some trading. Daimyo Hideki and Saito head to the dockyard to oversee the activity.
Shugenja Omori purifies the Daimyo’s house and blesses the town’s temple.
The Daimyo receives a strange and delicious fruit. The next day the Daimyo’s town hall is decorated with black silk.
In the meantime, Kanna has been hanging out at the town’s bushi school and has been observing and participating in some of the lessons. She spends her free time hanging out with the trainees.
A week later a bigger Lion boat docks at the town to complete trade agreements.
While wandering around town, Kanna hears trees crashing and sees smoke coming from the nearby forest. She runs to go inform the daimyo.



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