Dawn of the Empire

The Man with no Eyes

Session Four

The man says he’s a miner that was hired by some guy he never saw. He was supposed to be mining for jade. The man is lead back to the daimyo. After more questioning, we find out that he didn’t know there was a town above where he was digging, he doesn’t remember his name, and he doesn’t know about Clans. He was part of an expedition to expand a mine network for Hatsu.
When he looks at the daimyo he says he sees a map. When he looks at Kanna he says he sees a blur. The daimyo has a box brought to him. The man says he sees an arm with a strange design on it. The map that he sees points to something, but he’s not sure what. He says he was supposed to tell Kanna something and he calls her the daughter of the tenth.
The daimyo has heimin make signs warning of the unstable tunnels. In the barrels that were brought up from the tunnels, he finds they are filled with jade, copper nuggets, silver, and gold. The daimyo has them taken to Happu-san.
The ronin, Koebi, is given a room.



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