Dawn of the Empire

Tales of Alternate Rokugans

Session Eleven

The daimyo, Hideo, Omori, Utamaru, and the town monk meet with an informant. The informant, Kikuchi Kama, was one of the miners found in the sinkhole.
Kikuchi claims that he came to this Rokugan after traveling through a number of alternate versions of Rokugan. In the first, Frog’s Crossing was burnt to the ground. In the second, the town was a prosperous fortress. In one he saw the woman who took off the daimyo’s arm talking with a version of himself that still had both arms. Kikuchi claims that the woman was the real version of the woman, but the daimyo was not a real version of the daimyo. The woman and the daimyo were talking about the fate of the tenth kami.
Kikuchi says that he traveled through the alternate Rokugans with the eyeless miner by entering a hole. The eyeless miner, Saito, is such since he saw his death so many times that he took out his own eyes. While Kikuchi entered a hole that was under the town, he exited from another hole that was in the nearby mountains. The hole closed up behind him as he exited.
Kikuchi mentions that to enter the hole one needs to own a special mark. The mark could be on the person as a birthmark or on an item that they own. Anyone else who enters the hole doesn’t survive.
During the conversation, Hideo suddenly goes unconscious. He immediately gains consciousness, but isn’t himself. He tells the daimyo to go through the portal hole in Frog’s Crossing and to take his removed arm with him.
The daimyo finds out that he is talking with Lord Moon. Lord Moon blesses the province and says that if the daimyo travels through the portal he will see ways to prevent bad things from happening to the city. He tells the daimyo that he must take the others that have the mark. One is Hideo and his mark is hidden inside the sheath of one of his daggers. Lord Moon then excuses himself to go for a stroll.
Saito says that he knows Lord Moon, that he met him as he was exiting the hole and after he had removed his eyes so he could “see”.
Omori communes with the spirits to find the other seven people needed to go through the hole.

The next day. Saito wakes up in a barn on some hay with no recollection of the night and butt naked. Next to him is a horse head. He gathers all his possessions together. A secret box of his, that he was told never to open, is cracked open slightly.
Saito climbs to the roof and sees there are two women outside the barn. He then finds out he is covered in blood. He runs to the nearby river and cleans himself off. He then goes to Happu-san for clean clothes.
Kanna is awoken and ordered to find a ronin named Ikuchi. She finds him playing dice in a gambling house in the ronin district. A bar fight is started after Ikuchi finds out some of the guys playing dice were cheating him of all his money. Afterward, Ikuchi agrees to met with the daimyo. The daimyo finds that he has the mark on the bottom of Ikuchi’s foot. It is also revealed that Kanna has a mark on the back of the silk of her sword wrapping and that the wrapping when laid out in a certain pattern also forms a map.



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