Dawn of the Empire

Oni in the Forest

Session Three

Saito and Kanna head into the forest. The daimyo orders some bushi to follow. Saito and Kanna see a flaming Daku no Oni walking towards the town. Saito tries to slow it down while Kanna finds the bushi. Saito is slained before Kanna can return. When she shows up she has lead Utamaru and the trainees to the fight. They dispatch the oni with some arrows.
Utemaru heads back to town to inform the daimyo of the situation. Kanna follows the monster’s path to see where it came from. Along the way Kanna sees a campfire off to the side of the path. She goes to investigate, but gets caught by a ronin named Koebi. They talk and part ways.
The next day, Kanna continues to follow the pathway. It leads to a grove that used to have trees, but they have all disappeared and the nearby trees have been burnt. There are several paths leading away from the grove. In the center of the grove there is a large stump of a tree that looks to have been purposefully cut down. The stump has gouges in it and is embedded with pieces of jade and a dark stone (obsidian).
Kyoubi shows up in town and works out a deal with the daimyo. Kanna arrives later and reports her findings to the daimyo.
Shosuro Hideo, a new shinobi, arrives in town and offers his services to the daimyo.
Everyone in town hears a loud explosion. A large sinkhole has formed behind the inn and a number of houses are gone. Tremors continue to be felt.
Kanna and the trainees are recruited to go down into the sinkhole. At the bottom they find the wrecked homes and there are four tunnels leading away from the sinkhole area.
The trainees split up to investigate each of the tunnels. Kanna and Utamaru pair up to explore one of the tunnels. Partway down the tunnel they run into two of the trainees whose tunnel intersected with theirs. The party continues further into the tunnel. They finally arrive at a large cavern. A trainee is sent back to report findings and status. Kanna and Utamaru find a doorway to another cavern. Entering they find a room that has open barrels and a raised stone platform which a person is lying down on. When they enter he sits up and turns toward them. The man has no eyes.



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