Dawn of the Empire

Mass Battle

Session 10

The daimyo gathers people to support the Crab army in an attack against the bandits that have been harassing towns to the south. Kanna leads the archer group.
Hideo and a Hiruma do some scouting work before the rest of the daimyo’s support get to the town that the battle with the bandits will center from.
While out scouting Hideo is captured by the bandits. He successfully feigns being an ignorant drunk. He learns that the group of bandits is quite large and their banner is a serpent being strangled by a monkey. Hideo escapes when the bandits lead him off to a secluded area planning to kill him.
Kanna and the rest of the support troops arrive at the town. Kanna and Hideo advise the town leader on how to prepare for the battle against the bandits.
Battle ensues! The battle goes well for the town and the bandits are defeated easily.



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