Dawn of the Empire

Bandit Attacks

Session Five through Nine?

The daimyo chats with Dragon monks in his audience room.
Kanna hears howling while out training with her sensei. She discovers it is two wolves that belong to bandits who were once a band up near Unicorn lands. The bandits attack. Kanna heads back to town to inform the daimyo. Unbeknownst to her Hideo was also there and was injured by the wolves.
Hideo is healed by Omori.
The bandits attack the town, but the town was well prepared and ready for their attack. The bandits are easily defeated.
Kanna and two monks are dispatched to deliver a message to a town to the south. They are told that there has been a problem with bandits. On the way back from the trip, they run into a Crab army heading north. The Crab army is here to help with the bandit problem.



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